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Adam Chalmers

Video: Parsing text with Winnow

I work at KittyCAD, and every Monday I teach Rust to my coworkers for an hour. We always record them, so that over time we build up an archive of Rust learning videos. Recently I realized we should put some of them on the internet, because other programmers outside KittyCAD might find them helpful too!

This is our first episode, and it's about building parsers with Winnow, a new fork of Nom. I'm a big fan of Nom, and I've written about it a lot. I've been interested in Winnow since it was announced, so here's an hour-long explanation of how to use Winnow.

Apologies for the low video quality, I didn't know we'd be releasing this to YouTube, so it's just using Zoom's "record screen" feature. Future episodes should have higher video quality!